Set table name dynamically using flow variable

Hi guys,

I am reading all the sheets of an Excel file using flow table row to variable loop start and then writing every sheet as a table in Access database. I want my table names to be same as the sheet names. Can anyone suggest how to do it.?

I connected a "Flow variable port" from Table Row to Variable Loop Start to Database  Writer. When i try to select "sheet" as "table" in "Flow Variable" tab it shows the following error:

"Invalid Settings: Configure node and enter a valid table name."


Here is my work flow attached.

Hi PBucha,

is there a reason you are using this KNIME Version? It must be at least 2 years old.

This used to be a not very userfriendly behaviour of nodes, which is fixed in our most recent versions of KNIME. I would suggest to update your KNIME if this is possible for you.

Best regards, Iris