Setting certain value by checking if there a duplicates in the list

Hi there,

i’m using knime since about 3 month but now i have a problem where i can’t find a solution…

Fist i had a list and i did some manipulation stuff and i added a “constant value column” so set a Flag for this entries. But now it got for me a bit complicated. So i would do some checks before setting this values. so per default i would have to set “1” but if there are duplicated values on the field “Contract#” AND “MemberID” then i yould need to set the first entry to “1” and all other entries to “0”

for Example

Contract# | MemberID | Value
1 | A | 1
1 | A | 0
1 | A | 0
2 | B | 1
3 | C | 1
3 | D | 1
4 | E | 1
5 | E | 0
6 | E | 0

i hope you can understand what i need to do and you can help me along.

br Daniel

Hi @drabbit, welcome

I guess there are multiple options, try this workflow.
checking duplicates.knwf (19.7 KB)


Hi @HansS,

thank you very much - i was looking for ordered list or something - the “rank node” was the missing part :grinning::+1:

br Daniel

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