Setting classes on cluster

Hello everyone in the community,

I am new with Knime, my team and me have to do a RFM-Analysis for a university project.

We did some clustering with the fuzzy c-means Node and displayed it with the 3D Plot.

For further analysis we want to put on our self-chosen classes/borders on the 5 different clusters to see any matches of these two methods. We already did some research on google and in the forum, but couldn´t find any solutions.

Do you know any nodes for this problem or how we could solve it in other ways.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Goldshooter:

Another algorithms that you can use is EM from WEKA, it is in Extensions. This algortim proposes the optimal number of cluster. You can use hierarchical cluster aswell. 

I was looking your 3d plot and I think you have some outliers. You have to removed them.