Setting date in the rule based row filter to Today's Date minus X days

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Does anyone know how to choose a date in the rule based row filter node that will automatically always be today’s date minus X days (picture below). What I specifically want to do in my case is change “18/12/22” to a formula that will always choose today’s date minus 4 days.

I believe this syntax is Javascript but the options for automating the date calculation that I have found so far don’t appear workable in Knime (though this is most likely due to my own lack of knowledge).

Hello @datascienceduck
In KNIME you have to create the TODAY’s Date with ‘Create Date&Time Range’ node with the following configuration (from system time, 5 five days window backwards -current minus 4-):

Then you can select the minimum with GroupBy and send it to a variable. You can use this variable in your logical tests along the workflow.

20221222_today_minus_x_v0.knwf (20.3 KB)

$Date&Time$ = $${SMin(Date&Time)}$$ => TRUE



Thanks @gonhaddock !!

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