Setting executor requirements or reservations on workflow group

Not sure if this is possible, but would it be possible to create an executor requirement or reservation on workflow groups instead of the individual workflows? I know it’s possible with users or user groups, but can’t find any information on workflow groups.

Now we are relying on developers to tag the workflow so that the workflow is assigned to a certain executor. But what if they forgot?
Or is there another way of making sure the workflow is tagged correctly when deployed?

Hi Odebie,

There is no way to do this on the executor group level – although it is an interesting feature idea.

One thing you could try doing would be to use the KNIME Server API to add properties with the rest call using “/rest/v4/repository/{path}:properties”. You could have a scheduled workflow that checks all workflows in a specific directory, for instance, and automatically update their properties and adds the tags.

I hope this workaround helps!

Best wishes

Hi @ana_ved,

That’s what we thought of as well as a workaround.
The feature would be handy though :slight_smile: .