Setting series markers (color and shape) on a chart


I am editing a chart and I want to set the marker shape for my different Y series (for example red squares for one series, green squares for another).  When I click on the marker button, I apparently can set the markers as squares, circles, stars,etc.  It doesn't seem to work all the time.  Also, there does not seem to be the possibility to set color for the marker. Colors are given randomly it seems, is that the way it is supposed to be?  Is there another place/way to customize the markers on charts?  Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi jlacoste,

Which node are you exactly using?

In general, you can set different colors as described here (from the node description of the Line Chart node):

"Tthe second in-port provides the possibility to specify colors for the different lines/columns in the plot. Therefore append a Extract Column Header and Transpose node to the data table which should be plotted in this node. Afterwards use the Color Manager to append the colors based on the individual column names. The node automatically selects the column from the Color Manager and assigns the color values to the plotted columns."

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