Setting up consumer and user access


we’re currently setting up KNIME Server and are struggling to set up user and consumer access based on groups.

As far as we can tell based on the Administration Guide, we should using these three settings:

  • com.knime.server.login.allowed_groups
  • com.knime.server.login.consumer.allowed_groups
  • com.knime.server.login.user.allowed_groups

In our case, let’s say we have groups A, B and C where we want all groups to be able to access the webportal (consumers) and only groups A and B to be able to login from the client (users).
So we’re setting the above parameters as follows

  • com.knime.server.login.allowed_groups = {A,B,C}
  • com.knime.server.login.consumer.allowed_groups = {A,B,C}
  • com.knime.server.login.user.allowed_groups = {A,B}

Only problem is that users who are only in group C, meaning those that we only intend to have as consumers, are getting an error on login attempt saying Account ‘consumer_a’ is not allowed to log in.

We’ve tried restarting the server and specifying permissions on an account level, but nothing seems to work.

Thanks for any help!

Hi mrthomas3697,

The parameters that you’ve set seem correct. What kind of authentication are you using? There are further steps to be taken for enterprise authentication (see: KNIME Server Advanced Setup Guide). If this does not help, I recommend reaching out to support directly, so that we can look into the configuration and log files to see what the issue is.


Hi @kabrah,

it seems that the issue was that we were testing this was already used as a user account. Creating a new user worked well, but we can’t seem to shift a “user” into a “consumer”.

Kind Regards,

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Hi again,

Yes you’re right, there is a 20 day period for downgrading a user to a consumer, after which your changes should take place. Let us know if anything unexpected happens!


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