Setup knime node development onto codenvy


After reading few articles on Knime forum, I have understood that Knime officially support node development using a dedicated Knime IDE and as a plugin extension to Eclipse.

I have a development requirement where custom Knime nodes need to be developed in java using Codenvy platform. Codenvy is basically a cloud based development enviroment simiar to eclipse. Now my problem is, I am not able to figure out a way to integrate Knime SDK or plugin in Codenvy for Knime development. The reason for using Codenvy is that our company has standardized all project development and requires to use Codenvy henceforth.

Please can someone put some light on how do I fulfill my business requirement. I would also like to understand if there is any way to create Knime nodes by using library API's i.e. by writing our own java code without the use of dedicated Knime IDE or plugin extension of Eclipse.




You can use any Eclipse IDE for node development as long as you use the KNIME Target Platform (see also There is no need to use our KNIME SDK or the node extension wizard. You have to use Eclipse, though.