Several iterations of applying row filter and saving results in csv over 1 source file

Hi there, question from the beginner.
I have 1 source file. What I need to do is to apply row filter to locate empty values for one row and save result in a separate csv file. And I need to do that several times with the same source file (1 input file, several output files containing empty values for each column). When I try to read my source file once and then make several parallel row filters and then save each result into separate csv I face with the effect that KNIME processes first couple of branches ok, but then I start missing results in all other branches - probably source file is still being processed by previous filtering and csv saving nodes and it somehow blocks the latest branches…
I know that it should be resolved somehow trivial probably, but I’m new in KNIME and I was not able to find solution in this forum (may be I was looking in wrong topics…)
Would somebody please help me with that?

Hi @aevi82 -

I think I have an idea of what you’re trying to do based on your description, but to confirm could you please upload your workflow in progress so that folks here can help you troubleshoot better? Preferably in a non-reset state.

This is probably solved nicely with 1) a well designed loop structure or 2) using flow variable connectors to make sure your process occurs in series instead of parallel, but I’m just guessing until you can upload a workflow. :slight_smile:

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