"Shapefile Polygon Reader" and "Coordinate Row Filter" node not available in 4.4.x


I have been getting this error since upgrading KNIME 4.4 …

Status: Error: Node “Shapefile Polygon Reader” not available from extension “KNIME Shapefile Support” (provided by “German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)”; plugin “de.bund.bfr.knime.esri” is not installed)

These nodes are included in a lot of my workflows because a lot of my routine flows filter data based on geospatial data which I receive as shapefiles. I either need to get them installed or find a way to do the same thing with other nodes that are available in KNIME 4.4.x

Has anyone who has used these nodes found a workaround?


You might have to try and install them via drag and drop:

It seems they are still under the 4.3 trusted extensions. I would assume they should work anyway. You might have to temporarily use the old update site and see if you can load them from there if drag and drop does not work.

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Hi @mlauber71

I could not drag 'n drop them even after adding the 4.3 update site to my preferences. I hope the URL is correct.

Do you think it might be possible to install from a ZIP if I can get it?


You can either drag-and-dop or you could add the URL for the 4.3 trusted extensions to your install sites and then the Shapefile support should appear and be able to be installed.

You might want to de-activate that later so in oder not to get confused with other extensions



@mlauber71 Thank you so much :smiley:

The nodes magically installed and my scheduled workflows did their job.

I hope these nodes get ported to 4.4 … they are really efficient. I did figure out a hack to get around not having them but it adds a whole extra sub-flow that is really messy.



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