Share components outside Server/Hub

I would like to share a component without using a Knime Server or the Knime Hub. Is-it possible to export a component?

For example, you don’t have a Knime server, and you cannot use the Knime hub (for security reasons: confidentiality / blocking proxy). How can we share a component from an analytics Platform to another?

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hi @lcollia,
not sure what you mean by “component”.
However you can share a (or several) Workflows by right-click on the Workflow name within the KNIME Explorer and then click on “Export KNIME Workflow…”.

Then a knwf-file will be saved (on your local drive), which can be sent/shared to/with others. The recipient will have to import the workflow the same way like export works.

Hope this helps, Greetz, Tommy


Hi @tommy,

Thanks for your answer.

I am talking about “Component” that is the new name of the meta-node in Knime 4 :

I can export workflows, but not component. Of course I can imagine to export a workflow containing only a component/meta node but it seems not the right way to share components.

cheers, Lionel

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It works for me, but not when using the context menu, there the “Export” item is greyed out. However, when I go to the “File” menu instead, the “Export KNIME Workflow” menu item is enabled. (I’d consider this a bug)

The export wizard creates a .knar file from the component.

Btw.: I heard that there’ll soon be another option to share components – stay tuned!


I @qqilihq,

Yes I was trying to do it through the context menu. Thanks for your solution!

I will stay tune :wink:


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