Share point node and reading the last modified version of the file

Hello Everyone,
I want Knime to read the last modified version of the file from sharepoint directory.
Although there is a similar post from last year (Reading most recent file in SharePoint directory), after the last update some nodes are out of available anymore.
Could you help me about this problem?
My current workflow is as below:

Hi kubra_08,
you can use the Files/Folders Meta Info node to get the creation and last modified date of a file on sharepoint.



Hi Tobias,
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Since I’m new to Knime and sharepoint , I’m having hard time to place files/folders meta info. Could you explain it a bit more? Like are there some other nodes that should be added? Or did i place files/folders meta info correctly?
After your suggestion my workflow seems like below
However,connection from list files/folders to files/folders meta info doesnt provide any valuable info. And it is not possible to connect Sharepoint online connector to files/folders meta info.

thanks in advance

Click on the three little dots At the bottom left of the node and add the file system Input port. This should solve your problem.



I solved it. Thanks a lot guys, you made my day.
For people who will experience the same problem, here is my version:


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