Shared Components using on KNIME Webportal


I setup a complex workflow locally which I want to use via KNIME Server.
Therefore I created 16 shared components which are re-used several times in several non-shared components which often contain sub non-shared components. The workflow works perfectly local, but when I want to run it on the webportal I recieve the message

“Could not update linked metanodes and/or components”

I used the “workflow relative path” and saved all components on a subfolder:
and the same on the server:

I could now just repair the workflow on the webportalby disconnecting all components which took me 30 minutes as I need to go into each component (which has several subcomponents) and disconnect the links in all components and subcomponents.

What´s the best way to fix this in a better way? I like the shared components, as I can re-use them and if I want to make an update on one of them, this is updated automatically for all others.
But I cannot identify easily where they are used and don´t know how I can review and change the link.

Hi @Alkaline,

how do you move the components to the server? Do you work on your workflow locally and then create the shared component directly on the server or do you create them locally first and then upload the shared components to the server together with the workflow?


Hi Julian,

I created everything locally and then uploaded the workflow and the components to the server.
Unfortunately I did it not very structured and I may also have been pushing some components from the server to the local workflow as the folder structure is very similar.

What I would like to have is an overview of all used components and their links to verify if some need an adjustment. But I don´t think that this is exisiting?

Hi @Alkaline,

sorry for the late answer, I somehow missed your reply.
You are right, it is currently not possible to check which components are linked in which workflows and whether the links are set properly or not. You would need to check it manually.