Shared Workflows: Token Access

Hi all,

I regularly share KNIME workflows via the KNIME webportal. They get a link like

They then click on the link and the workflow starts. Then it looks like this:

The users then often save a bookmark as they want to use the workflow later again. But this does not work later, as the URL has changed after clicking on the link to the one with the execID not not the token. So they will be asked to provide username&password later which they don´t have.

Therefore, I always communicate that they should save the bookmark before clicking on the link. But there are still 10-20% of users which save it afterwards and come back to me with this problem.

Is there any workaround for this and/or can this be fixed within one of the next versions?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Alkaline,

this is an intended feature – when running a workflow, it is intended to show its job ID (the part behind exec).

However, I can see the issue you have. You could offer the links on a website yourself, so that users can bookmark that overview page and then click on a “run workflow X” button.

It also is possible to embed the links, so that the workflows are executed (together if desired) on a single page, potentially with other context around them.

Should you still want to directly share the workflows via link, users will need to bookmark the shared link and not the running job.

Kind regards

It´s not a bug, but a feature ;-).

Tools are independent from each other, so I don´t want to provide a single entry chanel for all of them. Within my company, it´s also not so easy to get a website somehow created.

I will need to follow up with the users, but if you plan some further improvments here, I would be happy :wink:


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