SharePoint 2013 & XLS Writer Node

Dear KNIMErs

I am having trouble saving files in SharePoint 2013 when using the XLS Writer Node. Very small files (13 kb) are saved correctly, but files that are 6,000 kb are generating empty files.  There is no error in the KNIME workflow, but the larger files are empty when opened.  I just wanted to ask the user community if anyone has come across this phenomenon? and if so, do you know of a solution?  I guess it might have something to do with the timeout configuration with the SharePoint 2013 sever.


Hope you can help.




Would you mind sending an example workflow in order to help figuring out what happens?


I have solved the problem by using the mounted path to the SharePoint sever.  But the problem with KNIME is that the XLS writer or any writer does not work with "https:" addresses while  using a flow variable when writing a file.  Hope this makes sense.

Just a follow-up here: What you always can do as a workaround is using the download node into a temp directory and than use this file location for the reader.

Best, Iris

Hi Macca,

I'm facing a similar problem with Sharepoint. Can you please explain what you mean by "using the mounted path to the Sharepoint Server"?

Thank you