Sharepoint connection, refresh excel

Hi together,

is it possible to open a excel file in sharepoint, refresh all connections, save it and close. And then upload this excel file in this sharepoint again. (overwrite the existing file)

i am new at this platform and would be very pleased about a workflow.

thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Hello @action123,

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It is possible to connect to SharePoint and get data from it into KNIME, then update/manipulate/transform this data and write it back to SharePoint whether as new file whether as overwriting existing one. Not sure what “refresh all connections” means so not sure would above work for your use case. Can you explain it a bit more?



I have a query which data is loaded externally into the excel. This current data is included in the excel when I click on the button “refresh all” :slight_smile:

This sounds rather like an RPA task but maybe the forum gurus teach me otherwise.

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Hi @action123,

is there any reason to have to external query in the excel file instead of having this data fetching step in knime?
With the query in KNIME you could just update/overwrite the data?


i am performing a data query because my query accesses data on software and displays it for the current day.

in summary, I would be interested in whether I can press this “refresh” button :slight_smile:
that would solve my problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @action123,

I think this will be not possible directly within KNIME.
You could start a refresh VB script through the External Tool Node or having a refresh data connection macro within the excel file

both might not be the best solution but should work :see_no_evil:


Hello @action123,

agree with @AnotherFraudUser. Think this is not possible from within KNIME… Maybe Python?



@action123 if you Google that several suggestions comes up and there might be a solution with python

For Windows these codes have been suggested. Question would be if this would work encapsulated in KNIME. Also there are several hints in the thread that one would have to combine and try.

Then there is this (meta) collection that might contain some hints. These meta aggregators are a mixed blessing but you could get additional ideas.

It might take some work to set something up under a specific system. The first entry seems to be for Windows only.


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