Sharepoint Library Connector

Hi ,
i am not able to install the Sharepoint library connection, after research i found out below URL has connector, but, i am getting below error while installing


Could not query updates site for missing extensions
No repository found at New File Handling Out of Labs and Into Production | KNIME.

Any help will be Appriciated.

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Hi @rakeshreddyat,

Welcome to the KNIME community.

It seems that the blog post is configured as a KNIME Update Site which is wrong. Could you please check your Update Site configuration using File → Preferences → Install/Update → Available Software Sites and delete the wrong entry?

Which version of the KNIME Analytics Platform are you using? The mentioned examples in the blog post should work on any KNIME Analytics Platform 4.3.0 and newer without the need to install additional extensions.

Update: Sorry, I missed the extension you wanted to install and concentrated on the linked File Handling Blog Post. As you are trying to install the extension via the KNIME Hub there might be an error in the configuration of this hub link. I will try to reproduce it.

As a workaround: Go to File → Install KNIME Extensions and search for sharepoint. You should find this (maybe in a different version):

KNIME Office 365 Connectors	4.4.2.v202110181015

Now you can install the extension without using the hub link.


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Hi Michael,

thank you for your response, i tried this and install the but, i am still getting error with connector.

Thanks Again,

Hi Rakesh,

Could you please name the specific error that you got trying to access sharepoint? Maybe it is necessary to grant access permissions to the KNIME App within the Sharepoint administration.

Additional question to check: Is this a sharepoint cloud installation you are trying to connect to? At the moment access to on-prem installations of sharepoint is not possible, but there is already a feature request to support this (AP-16639 for internal reference).


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