SharePoint List, Column "Person" Type

Hello KINME’s :slight_smile:

I have KNIMEFLOW, that get DATA from SAP HANA & Write it on SharePoint list.
One columns called “Emails”, and it is copied in SharePoint as Text “String” data type. any one know how can i convert it to me “Person” data type?

Any other ideas also very welcomed to share :slight_smile:

Hi @RamyHussein,

Could you confirm if you are using SharePoint Online List Writer node to write your data on SharePoint list. If yes, kindly note that KNIME only support the datatypes stated in the node description. Unfortunately, there is no option to map a specific column to a specific data type in SharePoint, such as “Person”.


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Thanks, in fact i changed the whole cycle,
using KNIME to place the Data in SharePoint, and Using PowerAutomate to match the email with reference “formatting.schema.json”

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