SharePoint List Writer Error 409

Hello everyone,

Here seeks for a kindly help to solve the error using the none - SharePoint List Writer.
Below are some key point of the error for your reference:

  1. Knime version is 4.7.7
  2. I’m the owner of the SharePoint List, so I think it should not the access issue.
  3. Below capture is the error message:
  4. Below capture is the node configure setting, also I have choose the [overwrite] but still cannot execute successed.

May I ask someone’s help me to solve this issue? And it’s a little bit urgent for me!
Looking forward feedback.


Hi @Kei_G and welcome to the forum. Sorry for the delayed reply.

Let me ask internally. This seems like a bug, but I’m not that conversant with Sharepoint - maybe one of our devs will have better information.

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