Sharepoint List Writer not available even with Office365 extension installed


I’m new to Knime so first of all I’m not sure I’m doing the right way, so…

I’m trying to add a node called “Sharepoint Online List Writer” that is supposed to be in the KNIME Office 365 Connectors extension but when I look for it on the Node Repository I see other nodes (Like Sharepoint Online List Reader) but not the List Writer I need. I’ve checked the KNIME Office 365 Connectors installation and it is ok (when I try to reinstall it says that there’s already a newer version installed) so no clue on why the Writer node is not showing up.

Any ideas on how do add it to my project?

Thanks in advance!

Some references:
KNIME Office 365 Connectors: KNIME Office 365 Connectors – KNIME Hub
Sharepoint Online List Writer node: SharePoint Online List Writer – KNIME Hub

Hi @OCJ,

Could you please name the version of the KNIME Analytics Platform you are currently using? As this node was a new feature first implemented version 4.6. Depending on your version it might not already part of the Sharepoint integration.

If your version is older than 4.6.0 an update should solve your issue.


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Thanks Michael, on the spot. Current version is 4.5.1 so that’s probably the issue.

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