Sharepoint Online Connector Node not working with working directory Variable

I have a problem with the Sharepoint Online Connector Node. The first time I try to run the node with the folder variable everything is fine but when I reset it and want to re-run it I get an error that the working directory path needs to be absolute. The only way to resolve it is to delete the node and create a new one…


Hi @DavidW ,

Can you show how the folder variable looks like and what the path it has. As mentioned in the screenshot the path has to start with “/”.


You can see in the little Picture below the big one the Folder_directory variable. It start with a / and worked in the first run. Thanks for looking into it.

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Hi @DavidW ,

Sorry, I had unfortunately overlooked this. The path is absolutely correct.

I was able to find out that this behaviour is a bug, which our developers are aware of and will fix in future. As a workaround I would recommend to adjust the settings in the Table Row to Variable node, as shown in the screenshot. This should solve the problem.

I hope this will work for you as well!

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