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Hello all,

  1. There is a sub-folder (called “Project Controlling”) in Microsoft Teams Group. If I go to this sub-folder using Microsoft Teams, I should go first to private folder “Program management” and then to sub-folder “Project Controlling”. (“Program management” - “Project Controlling”)

  2. I am using Microsoft Authentication and SharePoint Online Connector Nodes to connect to the sub-folder “Project Controlling” in Microsoft Teams.

  3. But I cannot see this sub-folder “Project Controlling” in folder “Program management” when I use Knime, I think, because “Program management” is private one.

What can I do to see this sub-folder “Project Controlling” by using Knime?


Hi Ram,

It’s possible that the reason you can’t see the folder is because you might be lacking the right permissions. Are you the site owner?



Hello @IMR2KA

Please share SharePoint Online Connector settings.
The Teams Channel is private, that sometimes to problems…

José Manuel

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