SharePoint Online - Microsoft Authentication on KNIME Server

Hi, I like to run a KNIME workflow on KNIME Server that write a file on SharePoint site. I used Microsoft Authentication node with username / password authentication and SharePoint Online Connector. The workflow works well on local KNIME Analytics Platform but not on the server. I get error message “SharePoint Online Connector 0:2 - WARNING: Not authenticated”.

Is it possible to get SharePoint Online node executed on KNIME server and what needs to be considered?

Thank you.

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I am working to test this further for you, but constructing an identical environment is proving to be a challenge. Would you be able to confirm the version of AP and KNIME Server (KS) that are being used in your environment? Also, if you can show the configuration of the Microsoft Authentication node Settings pane (redacted, of course!) and the Sharepoint Online Connector node’s Settings/Advanced tabs (also redacted, if necessary!) that would be helpful.

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Hi @stvnvgt

I solve this as below. I use the interactive authentication and than store this in the node settings. However, if your employer requires dual factor authentication (Which is the case with us) this will only work until you need to reenter your second factor. Than you need to reopen the workflow, reauthenticate and save it again. We unfortunately currently do not have a way to save the second factor on the KNIME Server. And to be honest, I think this is also partly the purpose of the second factor.


Hi @NDekay, I think we found the root cause. It seems that our KNIME Server (v4.4.1) does not consider our HTTP/HTTPS proxy to get access to Sharepoint Online. This is no specific issue for the Microsoft Authentication and Sharepoint Online Connector nodes. We are in contact with KNIME support team to get this issue solved. I hope that Sharepoint Online access will work if that issue has been solved. Thank you.

Hi @Iris, thank you for that explanation. I will test it as soon our HTTP/HTTPS proxy configuration and general access to Sharepoint Online is working.

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