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This worklow demonstrates the creation of Geo Distance Component that uses geopy python package for distance calculation given the GPS coordinates. The Python Script (Labs) node uses the python package geopy for distance calculation. The conda environment propagation node makes sure the python environment required for the execution of the Python Script (Labs) node is made available at the user's system. The geopy package is not included in the Bundled environment that comes with the Python Script (Labs) node, which is why we create a new environment with geopy package and ship this environment using the Conda Environment Propagation node.

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Hi i’ve downloaded Sharing_Component_with_Custom_Python_Packages workflow and opened it into my Knime Analytics desktop client tool.
Left part of the workflow is running fine with a small input dataset including a trip into different areas in San Francisco including following input columns : Agent Code, Trip, Trip Point, Latitude, Longitude.
But right part of the workflow can’t be run as initial input node Table Creator is empty.
Would it be possible to update this workflow with any consistent input content in Table Creator node ? Otherwise usage of the rigth part of this workflow is quite useless.
Many thanks for your reply on this topic.