Sharing custom nodes and workflow for User Evaluation

Hi everyone!

I am student that’s currently going to end his master’s degree. For my thesis I created a workflow that exploit the Ranklib library to implement its Learning to Rank algorithms on the platform, such as LambaMART, RankNet and so on. This is because I noticed that this kind of feature was missing on the platform (correct me if I’m wrong).

I also did develop three custom python based nodes which I called LambdaMART Learner, LambdaMART and LibSVM format converter. This last one is dedicated to convert all sorts of input into the right format to execute the ranking task with ranklib’s algorithms.

I’d truly like to share with everyone both my workflow and my nodes so that I can’t get some feedback. I would provide you three google forms, one for the workflow, one for the lambdamart nodes and one for the libsvm converter.

Before going into further details (because there are some requirements to meet to let the workflow work properly), I would like to know if sharing all of these with you is possible, if yes I would be glad to know how to do it.

Thank You in Advance,


Dear @Fonzo454,

that is awesome! Thank you for generously offering your nodes and corresponding workflows! Most appreciated! Please send a quick and short email at the address in the “Contribute” section of Create a New Python based KNIME Extension
and I will get in contact with you!

Best regards


Dear @steffen_KNIME

Thank you very much for your fast reply.
I am still doing some minor changes/adjustments to the workflow, as soon as I finish I will send you the email.

Best Regards,


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