Sharing variables between components

So I want to share some of the variables that are part of the configuration of a component.
In the end I want to pass some configuration variables from one component to another if and only if they are connected with a flow variable connection.

I know that for sharing them, one has to select them as output in the component output node, and then on the other component that uses these variables, select them as input on its component input node.

My issue is that the variables are flowing using any connection, not necessarily a flow variable(red line) connection. Can I make the flow variables available only if I make flow variable connections?

Screenshot from 2023-03-29 17-17-45
For example in this workflow I’m sharing within the component1 a variable as external.
I want only component2 to be able to read this variable but not component3.
Is this possible or do I need to share these variables with another port to ensure that only the connected ports are sharing the variable?

By default components do not pass flow variables. Open the component and connect the flow variables to the node representing the output port. You will also have to open the component output node and select the specific variables to be passed out.


Of course, I know that this is how you share the flow variables.
But when you make any port connection(not a red one-flow variable connection) you can still pass flow variables and I want to disable it if possible.
If you make a connection between 2 table ports you can still share these flow variables, that’s my issue. I would want to not share any flow variables until I make a flow variable connection, not any connection…That is also more logical in my view.

Is there such an option?

Hi @vasichar11 -

I don’t believe disabling the propagation of flow variables along non-flow variable connections is possible. The way the Analytics Platform is designed, flow variables exist along ALL types of branches. They can only be created, not filtered or deleted.


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