Sharing workflow for others to use?

Hello once again all,

I hope I am posting this in the right section, tried looking up previous threads regarding this. I simply wish to share my completed workflow to the community for others to play around with and receive feedback. I have it up right on a server, just looking for the best way to share and if I need to password protect anything?

@ArjenEX @victor_palacios @iCFO
I am tagging you three to show you guys my completed project, the current version that is, if you were interested in seeing, as you all helped me.


Hi @gravesmr

Get it on the KNIME Hub, it’s made for this purpose :wink:
Create an account if you have not really, make a space, add your workflow to the space (can be directly done from the client btw) and you can share it on the forum.

Documentation: KNIME Hub User Guide

Although I’m in a completely different industry it seemed like a very interesting topic so I’m happy to check it out!


Thank you!

My calculator has been uploaded. Available to anyone interested.

Thanks again to all that helped. I did a separate write up, where you have been credited!


Great work overall! @gravesmr

Some minor things you could consider:

In all components where a table is present, I would opt to align them equally with the text. Here, I have a lot of white space/distance between where I’m typing the values in and where the result is presented. A 34" ultrawide curved screen might not be the best reference material out there, but you get the point :laughing:

This reads more natural for me.

More UI
This looks to me like you’re using 3 different fonts and or size after another. I would normalize that as much as possible.

WF structure

For some components, you have a mix of input and outputs emerging and moving in different directions. The larger the script gets, the harder this gets to track for yourself if you do not use workflow annotations. Especially when working in an organization and you have to hand it over to a colleague for example.

My advice would be to work directional as much as possible with inputs on the left (blue) and outputs on the right (green).



Amazing what some organization can do! Definitely took your feedback and made the suggested changes. Looks and flows better.

Working on the text formats, looks like came to be resulting from having widget text set to either html, preformatted or just text.

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