shift workspace

Dear all

I have an installation of Knime 2.7.1 on a MAcOS machine.

I wanted to shift my workspace to another location, but that location was locked.

The problem is that now the location of the "default" workspace is the one I was trying out and when I try to restart , I have the following error message

"Could not launch th eproduct because the specified workspace cannot be created. The specified workspace directory is either invalid or read-only".

Net result is that now I cannot run it anymore.

Is there a way to specify the workspace before running the application, or do I have to reinstall knime and choose the old working space?

It would be useful to have an interactive window popping out at the moment of the moment of the the error I specified before, in order to choose an alternative workspace directory .

I apologise if the issue has been already tackled in the forum, but I could not find anything at a first read, many thanks for the help



KNIME asks for a workspace location upon startup except if a) there is a "workspace" folder in the installation director or b) if you disabled this dialog by checking the box to use the current workspace as default. You can now start KNIME with "-data <ws>" as additional command line parameter, pointing to your new workspace. You should then re-enable prompting in the preferences at General->Startup and Shutdown->Workspaces.

I had a problem on the beginning because I was not in the correct path of the executable, and it was not clear how to launch it.

I solved it by launching the application using the path of the executable and then -data<pathof the workspace>


Thanks a ton for the help!!!