Short key to close dialogs, tables and views


I am working for quite a while with KNIME using short keys that one can customize in Preferences->General->Keys nicely. Excecution of nodes, viewing tables, configure the node, works perfect, but I couldnt make it working to close windows (table or configure GUI).

If I understand it right then it should be "Close" (File) = cmd+W (MAC), but it doesnt work, neither does defining other keys. For closing a dialog the expression "Cancel" = F9 doesnt work. I also checked it on the Windows version, the same.

Is there any way to close these windows using short keys?

Thanks, Martin


Hello Martin, Thanks for bringing this up again. You are right, the Eclipse binding work fine, because those are registered with the framework and available on the editor. All other short cuts are available for example in the view and dialog. For the latter, we have had wired problems with the event handling, especially on MacOS and I can confirm, this makes still problems with some of the key events. We have this on our list, but I currently can't tell you when this is going to be fixed.