Shortcut to Open Relative File Locations from Workflow?

I often embed excel “controllers” into my workflows to simply the User Interface for find/replace and complex formula creation. I would really like shortcuts for one-off access the relative files (or relative folder location of the controllers) from within the workflow. Currently the only option that I have found is to select “Open file after execution” (in the Excel Writer node), which is not easy for a user to find and requires de-selection after every use.

Ideally I would like to float standalone “individually executable” nodes to act as shortcut buttons, but the javascript nodes that I have tested do not appear to handle “relative file paths”. There is also no option to assign a flow variable to the “Open file after execution” option in the Excel Writer node which would allow me to control it conditionally… Any ideas?

Hi @iCFO
You can give a try to:



I wasn’t able to pull it off with the Cmdwinput node, but your suggestion led me in the right direction. Basically I looked up the absolute path address from the relative path, then used column expression node to build it into a command prompt flow variable for the Bash Node. Thanks!


Embed and Open Relative XLSX.knwf (90.2 KB)

I am uploading my solution in case it is helpful to someone else. I will likely package it in a component to clean it up a bit, but for now it works great just using the “Enable-Disable Flow” Node to turn on and off opening the file.


Here it is cleaned up in a component that I put up on my public hub. A change to the checkmark setting in the component’s configuration window will cause it to open the file for a single execution, and then it will return to bypass mode until the setting is changed again. This isolates it from being inadvertently triggered by successive execute commands.

Relative Excel Opener.knwf (153.0 KB)

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