show clusters in binary images using dbscan

Hi all,

I generated a few png files (binary images) where I am trying to detect clusters created by white dots.

I searched the forum and found "Image to DataRow" node which is able to turn the image into an array of zeros and ones, so I made List Files -> Image Reader -> Image To DataRow but I can't get any clusters when I connect that to DBSCAN.

How can I convert these binary images to a format DBSCAN understands?

Thanks for your time


Hi Onur,

you can use the "Connected Component Analysis" Node and then use the "Segment Feature Node" where you select "Centroid X" and "Centroid Y" as features. But if it is just to create test-data for clustering there is also a node in KNIME now where you can draw points in 2D in the Data Generation package.

I hope this helps,