Show label but use code in Configuration

Hi all,
I want to show another value then I’ll use later in a configuration. Is there an easy way I might not be aware of right now.
Here’s my case:
I have a table with codes and values. In this case, the U.S. states. This data comes from an API, and I need the code for my next API call.
How can I show the state names to the user but write the code in a variable? Do I need to show the name and use the selection of a Value Selection Configuration to then filter the table and get the code into another variable, or is there a faster way?

I guess this is the shortest way to do it, right?
The widget shows the names, then I filter the initial table by the state name and write the result row in a variable?

Any faster ways I might not be aware of?


Hi @pfmd86,

That is one of the ways to achieve it. Another way would be while configuring the Value Selection Widget node, under the Flow Variables tab expand ColValues, here you can create a flow variable by providing a name in the last column based on the column value you need.



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