Show single value as KPI on data app

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I’m new in creating data apps and I can’t figure out the following; I want to show a single value als a KPI for our servicedesk, Amount of created tickets is this week: 6, I’d like to show it prominent in the data app along the other views.
I tried;

  • using the table view, but I’m not able to format the value (bold, size etc).
  • using textview, but inserting text based on a flowvariable results in losing the format options.

Any ideas?

PS, I’m enrolled in the visualisation course but also eager to fix this.

You can use the new Text View with a placeholder for the flow variable instead of controlling the whole text via flow variable. The placeholder must look like this: $$["flowvarname"]. Alternatively, you can use the Text Output Widget with HTML output, but I would go with the Text View if I were you.
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Awesome @AlexanderFillbrunn this works great

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