my Issue is that I want to register (overlay, stack, align) 4 images. The capturingposition of the 4 images is nearly the same, but I need for further calculations exact overlay (per pixel)   That means that I would need a SIFT-Registration in KNIME. Is there a way to do this?

thanks for your help in advance!




Hi Kurt,

welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, we don't have SIFT/SURF etc yet implemeneted in (public) KNIME nodes. However, we are planning to support all kind of point detectors in combination with RANSAC & CO in the future. I can't make promises when this will happen, but it's certainly on our list.

Anyway, you can already do all you want using the KNIME python integration in combination with our connectors for it - see You can either output the matched image or just the points, do some post-processing and then use R or Python again for the matching?

I hope this helps,



thanks for your fast anwer!