Similarity Search: No columns shown in Select

Hi experts,

starting with my first steps in KNIME to solve a problem at work, I have a problem using "Similarity Search". Reading two Excel-files with node "Excel Reader", I want to try out, whether "Similarity Search" can find similar text phrases in both sheets. But the selection window of "Similarity Search" shows no columns. I tried to connect the "Column Filter" with "Similarity Search", but I got the same behavior: no columns shown in "Similarity Search".  

Connecting with other nodes, like "Column Filter" or "String Matcher", these nodes show the columns.

Trying to rename the inputs, so that both got the same name, shows this: the column is shown in the configuration window of "Similarity Search" but, when execute, following error message occurs: Execute failed: Argument contains duplicates: [BOM Line Title, BOM Line Title]

I don't understand this behaviour!! 

Attached a Word-file with screen-shots.

Can somebody tell me my fault? 

Thanks. JuLa



after studying the examples, I got it. I found out for myself

First fault was, that I had used different names for the columns to compare linked to the input ports 0 and 1.

Second fault was, that I must not use the column, which contains the text to compare, at "Representative Column (2nd input)" in the configuration



Hi JuLa,

Great that you were able to figure this out!