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I am stuck on getting an existing example to work for a different situation. I have one column of dirty data where the same company is repeated various times with slightly different words, punctuation etc. I am looking to create a mapping table of some sort which removes the duplicates caused by misspellings or punctuation, essentially cleaning up the list for analysis. Stuck on getting the Duplicates metanode and Java indexing.

Any help would be appreciated!

Fuzzy.knwf (162.2 KB)

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You can try a simple approach:


I am not an expert but from my take on the workflow at a certain point the query should read something like this:

Document_fullText:“ACKLANDS\“~0.1 AND Document_fullText:\“GRAINGER”~0.1


when I just run the workflow the company name parts lack a closing quotation mark and the reference is “Document” rather than “Document_fullText”. The system gives an error message that indicates there is no “Document” but the document consists of several items of which the full text is one.

“Invalid field: Document. Might be a typo in the query string.”


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Hi all,

Right now I am on an older PC and thus I can’t fully reproduce the issue.
IMHO, the problem is that Index Query node expects column named “Document” of the String type but there is only a column with the same name of the Document type.
We can check it while trying to manually build a query (not using query string passed by “luceneQuery” flow variable). Double clicking on “Document” item, does not move it to the “Query Text” area compared to other available items.

Martin K.

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Hi @supersharp,

@mlauber71 and @Martin_K are right. The problem is you need to use Document_fullText instead of Document. Your query will run smoothly then.
But if you want to do find dublicates you would rather use a Similarity Search approach that @izaychik63 was suggesting. This would actually shrink your workflow down a lot.

Usually you would start with the preprocessing steps you already integrated in your workflow (the punctuation erasure and stop word filtering), but i thought this way it is more descriptive.
Fuzzy_withsimsearch.knwf (150.5 KB)

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Thanks everyone! You are all correct - the query is expecting Document_Title (in my case) to get the Index query to work.

However, my approach is likely not the optimal way of solving the problem, as it is essentially doing a massive (10,000x10,000) cross search of companies, which is not optimal. So @MH’s solution seemed to get me to the right result using a much simpler approach.

I need to investigate the de-duplication link that @izaychik63 suggested to see if it could work in a different case.

Thanks again!

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