Simple Histogram using predefined intervals

Doing statistics exercises from a book, I created a table containing ranges and two columns frequently.
(pg 30, Bussab & Morettin, 9th ed. ISBN 978-85-472-2022-8).

I want to create a simple histogram for each distribution using the ranges that are already in the table, i.e. I don’t want to use binner’s nodes and I don’t want knime to automatically assign the ranges.

simple_histogram_forum.knwf (7.5 KB)

How can I do this?

attached workflow

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Since your table already contains binned data (predefined intervals), the type of plot you need to achieve a Histogram chart is a -Bar Chart- node. If your data were not already binned, the -Histogram- node would first do the binning and then the histogram plot.

I have added the -Bar Chart- node to your example as follows:

and I guess I get what you are looking for:

simple_histogram_forum II.knwf (37.7 KB)

Hope it helps.

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If we already have the data distributed by intervals, just use the bar chart.

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