Simple workflow for KI/ artificial intelligence

Hello everyone,

I have been studying some tutorials of artificial intelligence as part of beginners’ tutorials. Unfortunately, I don’t understand one central issue and I think I need some support.

The note scorer is a prediction based on a column, like in the Titanic or IRIS tutorials.

For example here

What I am looking for and do not understand: Where is the result of the AI? Or do I miss something?

ID Data1 Data2 Result Result K/ Prediction convidence level
1 3 2562 top
2 2 2324 flop
3 9 2086 top
4 2 1848 top
5 2 1610 top
6 9 1372 top
7 7 1134 top
8 6 896 flop
9 54 658 flop
10 10 420 x top 80
11 1 182 x flop 100

I am looking for a workflow which shoes me the guess/result of the ai in a row (like in Result K/ prediction) and how sure the ai is (convidence level).

It would be great if you have a link for me which shoes a workflow. I am sorry. Did not find it.

Thank you in advance.

@UGChris you can have a philosophical conversation about what KI is and what machine-learning. In any case I would recommend you use some of the resources recommended here and examine them. There also will be sample workflows.

One simple example where you will be able to interpret the model (rules that is) would be here with a decision tree (maybe also check the additional linked resources):

Thanks for the link. I’m already looking in. Maybe I need to understand the goal of an Artificial Intelligence.

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