Simultaneous use of Knime on Virtual Machine Azure

Dear experts,

Me and my collegue are using the same Knime application (different workspaces) on one VM (virtual machine) in Azure. We both are able to open Knime and our own workflows simultaneous. This causes no problems so far. But when starting to work on the flows and running some nodes, one of us gets kicked out of the Knime application without any warnings.

Does anyone have the same experience? Is there something that we should change in the setup/preferences? Is it possible at all to use Knime Analytics Platform at the same time on 1 virtual machine (different workspaces)?

Many thanks in advance for your knowledgeable reactions :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi @jurjengroendijk

yes this is possible, but needs some setup. Different workspaces is already good.

Did you follow (or see) this FAQ as well?

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