Since Workflow was deployed to KNIME Server, I get "Value overwritten by dialog" in Analytics Platform

I’ve got a workflow which I deployed to KNIME Server.
Now I want to make changes to the workflow in KNIME Analytics platform and debug it there before deploying a new version into KNIME Server.
However, I have a problem with the Quickforms (which are used by the Wrapped Metanode views to generate the WebPortal views). I cannot input any new values during debugging, e.g. my credentials always have “password = not set” (see screenshot) because they’re controlled somewhere else. I cannot find how to turn that off for debugging… Please help!

Hi @pcps-afa,

It seems that you entered some values via the metanode configuration dialog. To check, just double-click the metanode. Delete whatever you put in there as username + password.

Hope that helps!


Cool! That did the trick!
Didn’t realise that view existed :wink:

Thanks a lot @RolandBurger!
Have a happy Easter.


You’re welcome, glad I could help!

Happy Easter to you, too :slight_smile: