Single Selection Input QuickForm settings


can I populate the "Possible Choises" item of a Single Selection Input QuickForm node with a database query results?

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Yes, the the option Variable Value and Choices (comma-separated list) can be controlled by variables assigned within the Flow Variables tab. This variables can be choises extracted from a database which need to be translated into variables using the TableRow To Variable node.


I can't get the Single Selection Input Quickform to work dynamically as described by Gabriel. I'm attaching a simple test workflow to demonstrate:

Using a Java Snippet node I create a String variable called codeNames equal to "Alpha,Bravo,Charlie,Delta".
(Note that each running of my actual workflow will result in a codeNames String that has different delimited values).

Next I connect a Single Selection Input Quickform to my Java Snippet node and assign the codeNames variable to the choices parameter in the Flow Variables tab. When I try to run this in Quickform Execution mode, I get prompted to select one of the code names as expected. However the quick form node does not capture my choice. The variable that is supposed to capture the selected choice is empty and the variable that captures the index of the selected choice is -1.

I realize sometimes when using flow variables one must nonetheless supply values in the configuration text boxes to satisfy the validation code that's run when you close the configuration dialog. In this case it doesn't seem to help.

Any help appreciated. Note: I'm using version 2.11.2