Size of component push user towards KNIME-server

Hi everybody,
I have a concern as feedback to give here. I am literally puzzled of the future of component nodes.
Their size seems to be acceptable (e.g. AutoML is “only” 8.5Mb) BUT what it does mean for W10 PC standalone is 1.6K files in 1388 folders. I cannot believe this cannot be reduced to allow less overhead with the OS. I am deeply concerned with this kind of nodes as upload take minutes and not second. in a workflow with 2 or more components (e.g. dashboards), it is not acceptable to wait much for upload.
Naive Question: any thought for a selected kind of component to abandon Java/Eclipse/Knime architecture and develop component nodes in native Python/C?
My concern is that eventually KNIME standalone (ie not taking advantage from KNIME-Server capability but free) will die for user using Windows…

Hello @agiani99 -

Thanks for the feedback on file size and upload speed concerns.

At some point you may see KNIME move away from Java & Eclipse, but I can’t give you a timeline for that. You are probably already aware that in a recent release we now support development of nodes in Python so we are actively building additional flexibility into the software.

We certainly have NO plans to abandon the free KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows, or any of the other operating systems we support. :slight_smile:


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