Sizing Requirement for the KNIME Analytic Platvorm V5.x

Dear all,

I have searched some documents after Sizing Requirement for the analytic platform V5.x but does not get information about number of CPUs , RAM , File System Size as an recommandation.

Can you pls give some advise

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Hi @carsten_scheiwe and welcome to the forum.

I don’t believe we’ve published specifics like this, but I can say that in general, KNIME runs fine on many systems, even those with relatively low RAM or compute available. It might just take a little longer to run a given workflow.

Of course, the type of analysis you’re performing and size of your dataset is a large factor in performance too.

Is there a particular reason you’re looking for this info - maybe to make a computer purchase, or advise someone at your workplace?

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Hi Scott,

thank you for your information!

We are setting up a Proof of Concept for KMINE for working with large excel spreadsheets ( > 200.000 rows).
As there is no information available we agreed to take 1/2 KMINE server for this purpose - should be enough I guess/hope ( 4vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 240 GB for Data) for the processing. I will let you know.

Thank you

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Ah OK, I didn’t realize you were coming at this from the server sizing angle. Your initial sizing sounds reasonable. Please let us know how it goes, and if we can help further :slight_smile: