Skip an iteration with a condition

Hi all,
I’m training a gradient Boosted Tree inside a loop (Group Loop), so I split
my data by a key and for every iteration this should have 54 rows. But by
properties of the data some keys have less than 54 rows and I would like to
skip the iteration in this cases and continue with the next key
My idea is something like a continue function in python. I know that I
could use “Extract Table Dimension” node to obtain the number of rows but I
don’t know how to skip an iteration.
Anyone knows how I can do this??


Hi there @GabrielV,

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Well to my knowledge there is no something like “Skip iteration” logic already implemented in any kind of loop (which actually would be a nice functionality in my opinion). A workaround can be something like this:

where in Rule-based Row Filter node you have following syntax:

$$ROWCOUNT$$ < 54 => FALSE

together with Include TRUE matches option checked which will produce empty table if group has less than 54 rows.

Hope this helps!



Thanks, that helped me a lot

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Glad it did!

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