Skip Loop Iteration on Condition


I need to skip the Table to Variable loop step if Excel file in the loop has empty values. Please, advice how.
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that depends on the loop end node you are using. With the normal Loop End node, you can use an If Switch in the loop and pass an empty table to the loop end if some condition applies. The loop end node has a setting to allow it to ignore empty tables.
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Thank you, @AlexanderFillbrunn. My case is opposite. If I filter on missing values empty table will corresponds to the normal case and needs processing.



Well, you can set up your If Switch and End If in any way you like. The important thing is just what you pass to the loop end. If you want to skip the loop, pass an empty table, otherwise pass your data. Does that not work?



@alexanderfillbrunn, I do not understand the logic of IF Switch. Happily, I found solution.

Missing Values Column Filter deletes columns with missing values
Then Table Validator adds columns with missing values for deleted on previous step columns and Row filter produces an empty table.
If you do not mind I’d like to see a solution wit IF Switch or better
see a new option for Loop End - Skip Step if Missing Values.

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Hi @izaychik63,
thanks for the update. Now I know a new node: the table validator. I am glad you found a solution!
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