Skip node when empty table?

I’m trying to make a flow that will create a workbook with various tabs. The first node is an Excel Writer node, and then for each additional table, I want to create a separate tab. I’m currently using the Excel Sheet Appender node to add these additional tabs. In order to make sure that all of the nodes are executed, and they do not try to write to the same file simultaneously, I’ve created a chain of flow variable dependencies. See attached workflow.

Flow Variable Dependencies v3.knwf (24.0 KB)

My question is this. Is there a way for me to design this workflow so that all nodes are executed and that it doesn’t write an empty table when there is no data?

I tried using blank table switches, but those would turn off the flow variable dependencies, so none of the downstream nodes would execute.


Hello @stevelp,

using the Empty Table Switch was already the right direction :slight_smile:

By using in addition an End If node you can close the switch, so that the downstream nodes are still executed.

Flow Variable Dependencies.knwf (27.7 KB)



Thanks @Kathrin, this is perfect! I was so close!


@stevelp and @Kathrin - you guys rock. This is exactly what I needed to solve one of my workflows right now. Thank you both!

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