skip to next metanode on empty data table

I have a series of metanodes that execute independent workflows. The need to be executed sequentially so I connected them using a variable connector.
There might be cases where Metanode1 experiences an empty data table. Due to that, the flow just stops. It is ok if the workflow in Metanode one has an empty data table and cant execute, I would like it to skip the remaining nodes and goto the next metanode.

I tried flowing a variable using empty table switch, but each metanode can only accept one variable.
Does anyone know how to do what I am trying to achieve?

This is the part of the workflow I am having problems with:

You should be able to merge the variables (merge variables node) and then connect them to your metanode

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I tried that, but it does not start the next metanode. It doesn’t result in an error but the next meta node doesn’t start either.


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