Slowness of R snippet node, is it a bug?

Hi all,


I am using KNIME 2.3.3 (latest) with the latest R Snippet node. I was using the R snippet to connect to my local R install (v2.12.1) I was using the snippet in a counting loop start and an end loop. The loop was set to loop 20 times and the R snippet has a single line of code like the following:

R <- "whatever (any text)";


I have some other nodes after the R snippet node; without the R node, the loop can be finished in couple of seconds; but with the R node, each iteration will be up to at least 2 to 3 seconds to finish. When I was looking at the execution, when the R snippet node was running, the progress bar below the node icon of the R snippet will show 48%, then "thinking" for 2 to 3 seconds before it will be done in each iteration (even if the node is not in the loop, it will still takes 2-3 seconds to run that line of code). SO the total time to finish this 20 iterations will be 40 to 60 seconds. Am I the only user with this slowness issue with R? Or is it normal? I don't think my PC is the problem. I have used another PC with the same issue. I am using win7 32bits, 2.5 G ram DDR2, 1.8ghz X2 AMD.


Is there any way to speed this up?


Thanks in advance.