Small edits to the KNIME Image Processing web page

:wave: Hello! While looking at the KNIME Image Processing extensions page on, I noticed a couple of small problems:

  1. Under Contact, the link to “Image Processing category” goes to, but this link yields a 404. I thought maybe the link should be Topics tagged image-processing – i.e. “KNIME Extensions” category with image-processing tag – which I’m able to browse… but when I tried to post this topic there, I saw no option for “KNIME Extensions” category, only “Community Extensions”, and when typing image-processing for the tag, it returned no matches. So I’m a bit confused. But certainly the Contact instructions should be changed to describe the current best practice for posting here about the Image Processing extensions, no?

  2. The ImageJ and ImageJ2 logos are broken, because I broke them (accidentally) when migrating the wiki from MediaWiki to GitHub Pages. :disappointed: You can find the current links for ImageJ here, and for ImageJ2 here. I could also try adding 301 redirects for the old broken links to the new working ones, if this would be helpful; just let me know if so.


Hi @ctrueden,

thanks for giving us this detailed insight. You are completely right, these sites are currently lacking maintenance. I will address your concerns as well as the general appearance of these pages after the upcoming release and hope that you are patient with me until then.

I will of course use your valuable input from this post. Thanks for that!

Best regards


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