SMB Connector and Microsoft Access Connector

On Knime Server, I am currently using an SMB Connector to read files (such as xlsx and csv) from a network. However, I would like to read tables from a Microsoft Access Database from this same network.

Is this possible?

MS Access database file size is about 2GB.

Hello @Rokank ,

you can connect to Microsoft Access Database from KNIME Analytics Platform using the [Microsoft Access Connector Node] (Microsoft Access Connector – KNIME Community Hub) although there are not KNIME related limitation of this connection such as the MS Access Database size. Please check this post and the links included for further reference.

What I would suggest to test it first locally by downloading the access file manually. This would be a first indication if it could work in general.

Good luck!

I am currently connecting using the Microsoft Access Connector node in my workflow on Knime Analytics Platform. I would like to deploy this workflow to Knime Server. However, I am unable to connect the SMB Connector node to the Microsoft Access Connector node to configure the file location.

Hello @Rokank ,

sorry for misunderstanding you. I am afraid it is not possible. Microsoft Access Connector only supports reading from a local file. So you would need to copy the file over to a local folder before reading it.

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